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According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, a butterfly symbolizes eternal love, strong affection, joy and harmony in a relationship. When placed correctly, the symbol attracts passion, tenderness, romance, good mood and happiness into the house.

When decorating their home, many people are guided by the rules of the popular Chinese teaching Feng Shui on harmony, the interaction of the elements and the exchange of energy between man and natural forces. Feng Shui butterflies are an indispensable attribute of the interior and, if correctly positioned, can bring positive energy to the house.

The Feng Shui butterfly symbol is well placed in the bedroom in the form of paintings, embroideries or clothespins on the curtains, which will not only pleasantly decorate the interior of your bedroom, but also help to activate the energy of love, which will revitalize and diversify your personal life.

Butterflies are best placed in pairs or small groups, which will symbolize the harmony of the relationship. Circling smoothly over your bed, butterflies will delight your eye every time you wake up and cause a pleasantly exciting thrill in your heart. For the sake of tender experiences and vivid emotional states that will fill your personal life, it is definitely worth adding a few Feng Shui butterflies to it.



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