Collection: Moonstone Jewelry

Antique and vintage style luna moth and moonstone jewelry treasure haul! 3 generations of jewelry! what will we find?!

Eras of antique jewelry and each is more gorgeous than the last!

Reflects your love story from our unique collection of victorian style edwardian vintage rings, pendants, earrings and art deco beauties.

Moonstone the crystal of mother moon meaning qualities benefits and spiritual properties - working with the moon phases  - crystal healing meaning (zodiac signs, chakras…).

Demystifiyng moonstone by sharing five properties that are used to determine moonstone’s healing value.

Moonstone allows you to strengthen your bond with the moon feeling her energies ebb and flow within you.

Moonstone derives its name from the sheen that glides across the crystal’s surface as it’s tilted from side to side  reminiscent of the moon. 

It is also believed that if a person held moonstone in their mouth on the full moon they would be able to see their future.