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The first words that come to mind when looking at a butterfly are lightness, grace, beauty.

The very word “beauty” is placed in the symbolism of a winged miracle. It’s unique property is to turn from an ugly caterpillar into a real beauty, shrouded in mystery and mysticism.

It turns out that accessories in the form of a butterfly have spiritual meaning.

In Christianity, the stages of a butterfly metamorphosis represent life, death, and resurrection; therefore, a butterfly is sometimes depicted in the hand of a baby Christ, which symbolizes the rebirth and resurrection of the soul.

 In other cultures, for example in Japan, where almost every woman has butterfly jewelry , it is believed that butterflies help preserve youth and beauty.  And two fluttering butterflies are a symbol of love and family happiness.

Graceful and light butterflies in silver or gold won't leave you uninspired.

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